Eaton ePDU

Eaton ePDU

Eaton’s ePDU™s provide all power densities and technologies to satisfy the demand of every data center. Offering single to dual chassis, four technology options, the broadest power range and the ability to manufacture custom ePDU™s.

We offer a large selection of Eaton ePDUs including:
Basic IEC
IP Monitored IEC
In-Line Monitored IEC
Advanced Monitored IEC
Managed IEC

UK Sockets

Eaton ePDU™s are distinguished for their quality, dependability and versatility. All products are designed for the specific application with an emphasis on safety and reliability. The Eaton line includes an extensive range of vertical Zero U products, that do not occupy server space in racks, as well as 1U and 2U formats. Environmental Monitoring options are also available.

Follow the list below to select an APC* equivalent Eaton ePDU™.

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Eaton ePDU Part Number Equivalent APC Part Number
Basic IEC
ePBZ05 AP9568
ePBZ32 AP7551
ePBZ33 AP7552
ePBZ31 AP7553
PW312BA0UC07 AP7557
PW322BA0UC56 AP7555
PW322BA0UC57 AP7526
ePBZ06 AP9559
ePBZ04 AP9565
IP Monitored IEC
PW102MI0UB95 AP7850
PW104MI0UB96 AP7851
PW104MI0UB97 AP7852
PW107MI0UB88 AP7853
PW312MI0UC07 AP7857
In-Line Monitored IEC
PW104IM0UC05 AP7152
PW107IM0UC04 AP7155
PW322IM0UC17 AP7175
Advanced Monitored IEC
PW322MI0UC58 AP7855
PW104AM1UC59 AP7921
Managed IEC
PW102MA0UC60 AP7950
PW104MA0UC34 AP7951
PW104MA0UC61 AP7952
PW107MA0UB61 AP7953
PW104MA1UB44 AP7921
PW107MA2UC93 AP7922

*registered trademark of APC (American Power Conversion)